Bacterial Infectious Skin Diseases

Gram-positive strains of Staphylococcus and Streptococcus or other organisms usually causes bacterial skin infections.The common bacterial skin infections are as follows:

·         A painful, red infection which can appear anywhere on the body and is usually warm to the touch which occurs most often on the legs is called cellulitis.

·         The infection of the hair follicles that causes red, swollen bumps that look like pimples is called Folliculitis.The cause of Folliculitis is Improperly treated pools or hot tubs which can harbor bacteria.

·         Usually in preschool-aged children,oozing sores are caused by impetigo.Large blisters are caused by the bullous form of impetigo where as yellow, crusted appearance is caused by the non-bullous form.

·         Deep skin infections that start in hair follicles and progress until pus accumulates underneath the skin are firm, red, tender bumps are called boils.

Using oral or topical antibiotics causing the infection Bacterial skin infections are usually treated depending on the strain.